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StatSpace: A linked statistical data space

In recent years, the amount of statistical data available on the web has been growing fast. Numerous organizations and governments publish data sets in a multitude of formats and encodings, using different scales, and providing access through a wide range of mechanisms. Due to such inconsistent publishing practices, integrated analysis of statistical data is challenging. StatSpace tackles this problem through semantic integration and provides uniform access to disparate statistical data. At present, it incorporates more than 1,800 data sets published by a variety of data providers including the World Bank, the European Union, and the European Environment Agency. StatSpace transparently lifts data from raw sources, maps geographical and temporal dimensions, aligns value ranges, and allows users to explore and integrate the previously isolated data sets. This paper introduces the constituent elements of the StatSpace architecture - i.e., a metadata repository, URI design patterns, and supporting services - and demonstrates the usefulness of the resulting Linked Data infrastructure by means of use case examples.

Architecture Metadata
Architecture Metadata structure

Source code

Documentation of URI design and mapping

1. Metadata repository

SPARQL endpoint (Graph URI:
RDF data (~33MB)
Example 1: List data sets in the metadata repository
Example 2: List information about a specific metadata description

2. Code lists

SDMX code list
CL_Area RDF data
CL_Period RDF data
CL_Age RDF data
CL_Education_Lev RDF data
CL_Occupation RDF data
CL_Currency RDF data
CL_Civil_Status RDF data
CL_Freq RDF data
CL_Sex RDF data
CL_EconomicActivity RDF data
CL_Coicop RDF data
CL_Cofog RDF data
CL_Copp RDF data
CL_Copni RDF data
CL_Unit_Measure RDF data
CL_Subject RDF data

3. Mediator service

Goal: Allowing users to integrate statistical data from multiple data sources
Input: SPARQL query
Output: Statistical data from different data sets which satisfy the input query

4. RML mapping service

Goal: Transforming raw data into RDF format following Data cube vocabulary
Input: RML mapping (required) and parameters (optional)
Output: Data in RDF format
Example: Transform data of the World Bank to RDF format

5. Metadata generation service

Goal: Generating metadata for statistical data sets
Input: RML mapping or SPARQL endpoint
Output: Metadata of data sets
Example 1: Generate metadata for a statistical data set of the ONS
Example 2: Generate metadata for a statistical data set of the World Bank
Example 3: Generate metadata for a sparql endpoint

6. StatSpace exploration

StatSpace Explorer
StatSpace Interface
Mashup of statistical information on an area
Mashup of statistical data comparison

7. Other services

7.1. Widget generation

Goal: Allowing end users to explore statistical datasets in an easy way
Input: Sparql endpoint
Output: Statistical widgets. Each dataset in the input endpoint is modelled in one widget. Users can run widgets in browser or upload them to our platform ( to create mashups

7.2. Sparql query service

Goal: Allowing end user to query data from Sparql endpoint without worrying about cross domain issue
Input: Values for two parameters - endpoint and query
Output: In successful case, the service returns result in JSON format, otherwise it returns 500 error code
Example: URL


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